Why Your Business Needs Community


Have you ever felt alone, like no one around you really understood what you’re going through? That feeling, whether strong or vague, is why you need a community to support you. As a business owner, if you provide that level of support to your clients, customers, and even people who aren’t sure if they want to be your client, then you’re more likely to attract the clients who really want to work with you. In the process you’re more likely to succeed.

As a businesswoman you need two different kinds of community. One that provides emotional support and one that provides financial support. Create your own community and make sure it offers the opportunity for both.

Why Build Community?

Humans are wired for connection. It doesn’t matter what age, race, or religion you are. Everyone needs to feel like they belong. When someone doesn’t feel like they belong, they’re more likely to have health concerns (both physical and psychological).

It hurts to not belong.

This is why it’s so important to have community.

Anyone that joins a community may be welcomed, but they will not, cannot, be completely in charge of the direction that community goes. Someone else always decides what values to uphold and how they’ll be upheld. Anyone that’s moved from Ontario to Alberta or North Dakota to California understands this all too well.

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As a business owner it’s vital that you have a community that supports you, lifts you up, and let’s you know your hopes and dreams are valid.

As a business it’s important to know that what you offer is something people want. But the most successful businesses offer so much more than a mere product.

The most successful businesses offer community.

How To Build Community

Notice the last sentence above, “The most successful businesses offer community”. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to build your community and offer it to others.

In order to create a community that supports your emotional and financial well being, you need to be very clear about what you offer, what you stand for, and you need to treat the people in your community with respect at all times.

Community is about connection and belonging, supporting others, not using others.

Building community is about values. What you stand for and how you show it to others determines the type of people your community attracts.

Why do you do what you do?

This basic question isn’t always easy to answer. We have so many things that matter to us that it can be difficult to refine our message down to a single thing we do. This is especially true of someone who does lots of things.

Do you help others with network marketing, reiki, energy work, and also coaching? What about those things are important to you? Dig deeper. Deeper. Find that core value that really drives you to do more and be more.

That’s your core value.

Once you’re clear on your value, then you need to decide how to uphold it.

Your ‘why’ is what draws people to you, the ‘how’ is why they stay.

Community is about acceptance and permission. It’s about shared values and being there for each other.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a bad day then grabbed Ben & Jerry’s (or a whole frozen Mcains cake)?

Thought so.

Ben & Jerry’s/Mcains was there for you. And you were there for them.

That’s how community works.

As a business owner you need to be there for the people who need you while also following your values. This creates healthy boundaries that keeps a community strong and healthy.

A quick recap of what it takes to offer community

  • Know Your Value and Values
  • Be There For Your Community
  • Set and Maintain Boundaries

Which Comes First Community or Success?

Community comes before success. Without community you may have a few sales, you may even have a few repeat customers or clients, but you’ll eventually flounder and fail.

Let me say it again:

Humans are wired for connection!!

People need to feel connected to you and your company before they’ll support you. The more people are connected to you, the more successful you’ll be in business.

This connection stems from values and boundaries. As long as you uphold those values and boundaries, your community will support you. Any change to your values needs to be done carefully.

Large corporations are aware of this and use it to connect with the specific people who value the same things they represent in their products.

Take Apple and PC for instance. Each has their own way of looking at life and their own list of values they uphold. These values weigh more than cost in the eyes of the people who support them. That’s why some people wait to buy a product until they can afford the one they want vs buying the cheapest comparison.

Community leads to success.

What community do you offer?

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Community is everything in life and business great post. Requested to join your group very excited to be a part of it. Thanks for the great read.


I’m so excited to have you join us Jenn!


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