What started as a way to connect becomes a limiting factor to who we are. We can't be our whole selves or we risk losing the people who follow us because of a hashtag.

This post explains why some visualizations hold you in place, why some are powerful, and includes a powerful guided visualization to help increase confidence.

A personal brand is a way of identifying yourself based on your personal values. Everyone has one. It serves you best if you know what yours is.

We remember the times our parents hurt us. You look back and cry. You want better for your children, but are stuck in a cycle of pain. You can break the cycle.

You are worth it! Personal growth only happens when we are willing to be wrong, when we step out of our comfort zone, and when we are willing to put the work into ourselves.

fear in scrabble tiles

You look at this picture and see the story told in smiles and laughter. We count the moments with people and things, health food, junk food, food smashed on faces. Pictures of a clean house or a messy house make...