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When I first started blogging, I used a free site. And it was fine. But I wanted a custom URL, so I added one. Then I wanted ads, so I upgraded, then I wanted to sell. So I upgraded some more. Slowly I added and added some more.

With each new blog I tried something different and tried something new. The costs added up.

Then I tried SiteGround for a new blog I started recently and was pleasantly surprised. First it was a lot cheaper than the business account on WordPress dot com, second it had gorgeous, dynamic themes included in the price.

I’m still a fairly new blogger so don’t see the need for certain features. But I appreciate the versatility available at the business account level on WordPress or the GrowBig package on SiteGround. I really appreciate the unique theme options available on a WordPress dot org account.

For some of my blogs I stick to WordPress dot com because it’s easy and I have few real needs for my site. For others I have a larger vision that means I have different needs that are easier to meet via SiteGround hosting.

How To Start Blogging

First step is deciding what you want on your blog. This includes things like ads, or a store. Do you want to be able to change the colour of your site? If so, that’s important.

Second step is deciding on a name and URL. A custom URL costs money, about $20 CAD a year for most domain names.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to decide on hosting. This is something like WordPress dot com, SiteGround, or other hosts. (honestly, I’ve tried a few and so far these are the two I’d stick with). You know what you want to do with your blog (do you want WordPress ads on your site, do you want to run other ads, change colours, upload custom themes?), so check to see whether you can do what you want with a particular host, or have to do something you don’t want, and how much it costs to do it. (hint you can do it all with SiteGround for a low cost)

Purchase your domain and hosting.

Then choose a theme and start editing the template to fit your plans.

It can be that easy. Once you’re good at that part, you can add in more features if you’d like.


I’ve mucked up my blog a few times and needed professional help to fix it. WordPress has always been super helpful fixing things and even told me it happens all the time (I’d love to believe that other people manage to break their site as easily as I do!) I’ve never needed support when on the lowest tier of the WordPress dot com offerings.

I’ve never used siteground’s customer support so I have no idea how good it is, though it is fairly easy to find should I need it.

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