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Have you ever heard Claire Lynch sing “If Wishes Were Horses”?

Well I was born with a dark cloud above me
A longing deep in my soul
I was raised up right and I know my mama loved me, but I begged her to let me go

I said, “The grass is greener on the other side
Somewhere there’s a bluer sky
I won’t stop running ’til I’m satisfied
And if wishes were horses, I would ride, ride, ride”

I love that song!

I think we’ve all found ourselves looking to the other side at some point or another. But we don’t all go looking for greener grass, we don’t all find our bluer skies.

On Saturday Mama Spotlight Podcast I’ll introduce mothers who’re finding ways to create their own bluer skies. These women are from many different backgrounds and their current place in life is very different from each other as well. So far, I’ve yet to find a single one who is 100% certain of themselves, their parenting, their relationship, or their life. But they all reach for the many different possibilities in life.

I hope you’ll find inspiration from them to find your own bluer skies. If you have any questions you’d like to add, feel free to add them below and we’ll be sure to answer them.

And if you’d like to be featured on my blog, feel free to send me a message or comment below and we’ll connect.

Viki De Lieme from ParentsEnlight

Now without further ado, let me introduce Viki De Lieme. She founded ParentsEnlight where she is a mother, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and a family coach. She devotes her life to relieving as many people as possible from the dichotomous societal burdens in the hope of bringing forth a better, mindful, and more connected future. She uses her own circle of peace to bring empathy and compassion to families. ParentsEnlight is Viki’s strategy to spread happiness. She wants to bring peace to every person who is ready for an amazing change in their parenting.

Non-violent communication (NVC) is a cornerstone of her work. NVC is a method of communication that helps us understand both our own needs and the needs of another person. Through this method a person is able to use communication that fosters connection and deepens relationships.

I’d like to bring attention to a few points Viki made. She didn’t start where she is now. She spent years working before becoming a mother, but something needed to shift. It was this recognition that she wasn’t being her authentic self that gave her the encouragement to take the steps necessary to start down a new path.

She also notes that parenting is easy for her, she shared with me how she spends an hour in the morning with her son, Eli, and then also spends time on herself.

This is HUGE! How many mothers with 2 year olds not only have time for themselves, but make it a regular priority?!

I wonder if parenting is easier for all mothers who take care of themselves to the same extent?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on episode 1 of Saturday Mama Spotlight Podcast. And stop by and give Viki some love.

You can find her at the links below:
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Saturday Mama Spotlight

On Saturday Mama Spotlight Podcast mothers share how they juggle motherhood and work while creating lives full of possibilities.


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