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Do you love your family? Your children? Partner? I want you to think about that a moment. Do you really love them? Now ask yourself if they feel loved by you. It’s possible to love someone without them feeling loved. In fact I believe it’s very common.

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to show our love for the different personalities within our family. Usually we need to make specific efforts in specific ways to show love. But what do you do when you’ve bought the presents,  rubbed their back, and told them how much you love them for a specific reason and they still act like you never love them enough?

It’s a common cry I hear from parents. There’s never enough love. No matter what I do, he still doesn’t feel loved. I’ve tried everything.

What to Do When Love is Never Enough

In our home, we make special time to tell each other the ways we love them. There’s many different ways we do this, but the one I like best for smaller children is “Links Of Love”


I use strips of pretty paper, on each one we write something we did that day to show love to someone else in our family or that we love about someone else in our family. These can be big things, small things, funny, or sweet. The important thing is noticing when you act out of love and what you love about others. The act of noticing our love helps our children see love as well.

Often we become focused on what we don’t have,
we can’t see what we do have

Each link has one thing written on it, then we roll the ends over and tape them together to create a link. As we write more and more things we love about each other and ways we love each other, we attach the links together and create beautiful paper chains around our house. It’s pretty, and is a great visual to show the amount of love in the home.



I absolutely love this idea! This may be an addition to our Christmas tree this year. πŸ™‚


😊 I’m so happy to hear you like it! It’s perfect for Christmas decorating. We often use different paper to fit the closest holiday theme.


Awesome Idea, i love it.


Thank you so much! I’m happy you like the idea!


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