Life is a Choice

fear in scrabble tiles

You look at this picture and see the story told in smiles and laughter. We count the moments with people and things, health food, junk food, food smashed on faces. Pictures of a clean house or a messy house make us wish to be that person. The person who has it all put together or the person that lets it go. While someone else wishes they could live the life in our pictures.

What goes on behind the camera? Endless nights pacing with that sweet smiling boy thrashing in my arms. You don’t know the times we struggled or cried. You don’t know the weight of being alone.

Or maybe you do? The weight of snapping a picture and hoping no one sees the mess in the background? The weight of taking family photos moments after having a giant fight. You know the weight of anxiety and fear. We all do.

But some of us are better at telling fear to let us go.

Fear Holds Us Back

Fear tells you you’re not good enough. Fear tells you lies, so many lies, in an effort to keep you safe. But fear long ago lost sight of what was truly dangerous. Because fear believes there’s monsters in the jungle. It tells you stay safe, stay small. Fear tells us we aren’t worthy. It holds us back where it feels safe. But our world has changed, you don’t live in the jungle. That’s why you can’t trust fear at face value. You’re not really safe if you don’t have friends to lean on. You’re not really safe if fear prevents you from living life. What lies has fear told you today?

So it’s time to let go of fear and be yourself. It’s time to let go of fear and allow yourself to grow into the person you’re meant to be. It’s time to let go of fear.


What Would It Take?

What would it take to transform your life? What one thing would you like to change? What would it take to get there? You can see the final picture, but what’s thefear holds you back first step?

What if you let it happen? What if you allowed yourself to make a different choice tomorrow?

What if you didn’t? What if everything stayed the same?

Each day we have a choice. What’s your choice?



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