Family Connection at Disney

Connection is very important to me, especially connection with family. I won’t pretend things are always perfect around here. Tonight I had 2 kiddos in tears and then I got mad at the other one when she was just trying to help. Sigh. After some talking and hugging, we got it all sorted and 2 of the 3 involved came out of the situation feeling so loved. The 3rd will need extra love later, but first she needs space.

Day to day life with children can be an emotional rollercoaster. Our family takes 3 trips a year to reconnect. One is a day trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum where we check out the dinosaur exhibits and go on a hike together through the badlands. It could be just another museum visit, but we turn it into a special event where we really connect with each other.

The second is camping, in a tent, to the mountains. One of the best parts of living in Alberta is the fact that we can drive to Kananaskis country in a day and spend a few days in some of the most beautiful country anyone could ever imagine. tenting involves a lot of time, energy, and communication. I won’t call it a vacation, but we certainly connect on those trips.

The 3rd trip isn’t always guaranteed, but when we make it happen, it’s the most wonderful vacation ever! We try to take our family to Disney World each year, even if it’s only for a few days.

If you head on over to Everyday Magic With Jubilee, you can check out the guest post I had the honour of writing for her blog about why we go to Disney and how we specifically use our time there to connect with each other.

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