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Parenting is really easy. It’s one of the easiest things anyone will ever do. If you’re trained properly!

Unfortunately not only are most of us not trained properly, but most of us also come with backgrounds and baggage that make it so hard to parent the way we always said we would as teens and young adults. When you’re tired or overwhelmed, parenting is likely the most difficult thing you will ever do. It can be isolating especially when you need support the most.

I think this is why parenting groups are so popular. It’s helpful to know you’re not alone in your experiences or your reactions. It’s also really nice to receive feedback and advice.

But these groups often have a couple of key drawbacks. Either they have no clearly defined parenting strategy for members to follow, or they’re super strict about the parenting strategies used. Which means you might not receive the support you actually need for your parenting style.

There’s also another huge drawback to these groups. So often we end up having a parenting moment we’re not proud of and we go to one of these groups to receive support. Often someone chimes in with, “don’t worry, there’s no harm done!” On the surface this may seem good, but the problem is, we are worried. We’re already worried otherwise we wouldn’t be there asking for help. It’s almost impossible to turn off that worry unless someone actually hears your fears and helps you discover a deeper courage and confidence within yourself.

But what if there were a group where you could share your successes as well as your struggles, have someone listen, have all responses be respectful (no matter your parenting style), and have the group moderated by a professional who’s also the mother of 4 children?

Parenting can be isolating, especially when we’re struggling the most. With the right support, you can be more confident, relaxed, and fulfilled as a woman and mother.

What if this group also hosted online learning opportunities as well as videos of coaching sessions and the opportunity to purchase courses and professional, personal, coaching at a discount?

I’d like to invite you to imagine some of the ways your life could be transformed if you were confident in your parenting, confident in setting and maintaining boundaries, and confident in who you are as a person outside your roles as mother, partner, or career. I’d like you to imagine what it’d feel like to have peaceful time at home knowing you can meet your children’s needs and also take care of yourself.

What would a group like this be worth to you?

Other parenting groups charge fees up to $125 for 8 weeks. Plus extra for additional siblings. These groups often only offer in class support once a week and that support stops when the class is over. And once your children are older than 5 the groups disappear, but our need for support doesn’t.

What if I told you that I’m offering a group membership that offers all of the above and only costs $7 per month?

Empower Lift Connect Membership

In order to run a group, I do need to have a certain amount of income to support the time I put into the groups. However, I firmly believe cost should not be barrier to support. So I’m offering this value packed group at the most affordable rate I can imagine.

What if I told you it’s also possible to be a member of the group for free? Or better yet, I paid you to be part of the group?

I believe so firmly that this group will offer exceptional value that I want as many mothers as possible to find this group and join. So I am offering an affiliate program as well. For each member who signs up through your link, you will receive $2 back. At that rate it doesn’t take long before I’m paying you to be part of the group!

Interested in joining? Have a few questions? I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have, but here’s a few frequently asked questions

Is a refund available?

If paying monthly, a prorated refund is available up to the 15th day of the billing cycle. After the 15th day, no refund will be offered for that month. An exception applies in the case you use a free coaching service within 30 days of leaving the group. An exception also applies if you are removed from the group due to disrespectful or abusive behaviour.

If paying annually a prorated refund is available up to the 6th month of membership. An exception applies if you use a free coaching service as a member of the group. In that case a refund is prorated to 3 months. As with the monthly membership, if you are removed from the group due to behaviour concerns, no refund will be available.

Free coaching? What’s that?

As a service offered to group members I will record some coaching sessions through out the year and offer them to the group for private viewing within the group. The recorded sessions will be of group members who agree to their session being recorded and posted within the group in exchange for the coaching session being free.

You mentioned being removed from the group? What are some reasons a person might be removed?

Disrespectful behaviour can result in removal from the group. In most cases I will offer the opportunity to make amends, however sometimes the breech in trust is too great and a person may be removed without warning or recourse. Examples of this include a persona joining the group and marketing to members without permission. Another example is sharing or posting illegal or abusive content.

Where is the group run? Where does it meet?

The group is run through the Podia platform. I will post discussion topics, videos, links to downloadable courses or printable. However for the time being a private/closed facebook group will be used to facilitate free form discussions.

Is payment secure?

Yes. Payments are processed through either Stripe or PayPal and are secure.

How do I sign up? Just click below to get started!

Empower Lift Connect Membership
Parenting can be isolating, especially when we're struggling the most. With the right support, you can be more confident, relaxed, and fulfilled as a woman and mother.

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