We often hear, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Most of the time people say this in reference to keeping children safe, which is wonderful in and of itself. I believe the reason it really takes a village to raise a child is because a family needs that amount of support to stay sane, healthy, and together.

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A couple needs to rely on each other, but sometimes they need outside support. Sometimes a mother is completely overwhelmed caring for children while also keeping the house running, and often working on top of that. Fathers find themselves working and feeling more and more alone as their partners spend all their energy on other people. Hearing someone else tell you that both the situation and the feelings are valid, and normal, really helps to get through one more day together.

Support Gives us Energy

Without support we don’t have the energy required to maintain our relationships, sometimes we don’t even have the energy to maintain our own health.

The best communities offer support, while also gently and respectfully helping you stretch to be the person you want to be. These communities offer a chance to discuss different topics free of judgement. Communities that offer the best support offer an empathetic ear when things are difficult, and protect us from hate filled thoughts and words.

This type of community is so important to me. But even though I’ve found people of value in my own life, I’ve had a difficult time finding a community that offers people the kind of support I believe everyone deserves. For a number of years I’ve offered this kind of support in different facebook groups, but I felt so sad when in the same thread I commented on there’d be several other comments filled with advice designed to drive people apart.

I believe the best support finds ways to bring people closer together. People need each other to be healthy and happy.

The Empower Lift Connect Community

Because I haven’t seen a group like I envision, I’m starting my own community right here. 

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This is a place where people of all backgrounds are welcomed. A place where hate will be removed, where people will listen to each other, and (learn to) respond respectfully. Together we can help each other grow and allow ourselves to connect with ourselves and each other.

In the beginning, while the group is small, private topics and discussions, as well as the public blog posts will offer the majority of value to those who want to be part of the group.

As the group grows, more value will be added as I create more time to devote to mentoring group members and helping our community members blossom.

All members will always have free access to self development courses I create. You will also receive discounts for other products I develop in the future.

I want this to be a place people find value not only in the group, but in themselves.

Membership is $7 per month, but for the time being you can sign up as an affiliate and receive $2 for each person who purchases from your link.

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