What started as a way to connect becomes a limiting factor to who we are. We can't be our whole selves or we risk losing the people who follow us because of a hashtag.

Personal skills and luck determine how likely you'll experience trauma and how well you're able to move forward. Resiliency and resourcefulness are key indicators of how satisfied you feel with yourself and your outcome.

and how to get passed them! What is procrastination Raise your hand if you don’t know what procrastination is. Wow I think I may have seen a hand go up! Admittedly I think the person who raised that hand might...

This post explains why some visualizations hold you in place, why some are powerful, and includes a powerful guided visualization to help increase confidence.

"What am I doing?" "Am I doing this right?" Doubt plagues mothers. With a shift of perspective we can use our doubt to help our children, and ourselves, thrive!

Have you ever doubted your self worth? Thought you couldn’t do it? Heard a little voice inside telling you to sit down, shut up, or to just go away? If that’s ever been you, then this video is what you...

A personal brand is a way of identifying yourself based on your personal values. Everyone has one. It serves you best if you know what yours is.