What Is Coaching?

A life coach is a professional who wants to help people define, meet and exceed their personal and professional goals. 

The 4 Pillars of Erickson Coaching 

I guide my clients toward your desired outcomes. The past is behind us, even thought it shapes who we are, it does not define us. Our choices and actions define us. We look to the future.

Your mind and body are connected, as a coach this is so important because if we lose sight of the holistic nature of ourselves, then we may miss vital information that can help you move toward the positive outcome you envision. 

You are the expert on yourself and your life. I trust and respect you. There is no judgement only acceptance so I can best help you see and act on your own inner resources. 

As a coach I help you find and take the next step. Without action, we never move forward. Action is vital to your success! 


What Coaching is NOT

Counselling  Counsellors look to the past and dig into your problems. Coaches find solutions for the future, starting at your current state. 

Mentoring Mentors offer advice to help you move forward. This is a wonderful roll that many people feel they need. In the short term, mentors are very valuable (I’ve been a parenting mentor for 10 years), but a coach helps guide you to reaching your own goals with your own strategies. In my experience these strategies are more effective in the long term because they are our own.

A coach guides you, but you must do the work yourself.


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